Follow fashion experts Kim Wilson and Anna Byrne & Alo Australia Newspaper to explore the 25 best fashion boutiques in Melbourne to fill your wardrobe!


Address: 235 Gertrude St Fitzroy


For elegant gentlemen, it is indispensable to complete a hat to complete their appearance. In Melbourne, Smart Alec specializes in providing the most perfect hats for men.

Located on Gertrude Street, Smart Alec not only has a hat renewal service, but also a world of hats with diverse styles: felt caps, felt caps, melon caps, papyrus hats, vests, high caps. and straw hat.

Here, you can unleash a selection of unique hats bearing British, American, Irish, Colombian and Ecuadorian styles. The store mainly welcomes men, but do not hesitate to drop by if you are female. A Smart Alec hat will make you stand out and personality like the star Marlene Dietrich,

  1. SHAG

Address: 130 Chapel St, Windsor and 377 Brunswick St, Fitzroy and Centreway Arcade, 259 Collins


Dreamed of being asked for a photo by a fashion blogger? Put on Shag’s outfit, and surely everyone will not be able to take their eyes off you.

Shag is like a miniature treasure with very “unique” items: a graceful leather briefcase with a beautiful little watch on the front, exquisite Florentine brooch or 80s style round glasses, even handbags from the 1950s.


Address: 331 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Scally and Trombone are famous hats and swimwear brands in Melbourne for more than 20 years. Here, you have the opportunity to transform into a classic lady shoulder to shoulder with Charlie Chaplin. It will be interesting to see yourself in a woolen hat, a beret, a papyrus cap, a bonnet hat, a cocktail cap and even a shower cap.

If you are wondering which hat suits you best, Mary Lou Scally offers a variety of other options such as leather gloves, cufflinks, scarves, socks and gorgeous jewelry. But you’ll definitely be captivated by the Esther Williams swimsuits. Inspired by Esther Williams female star Esther Williams, the Scally and Trombone swimsuits highlight the wearer’s irresistible charm with neck lanyards, shorts in classic colors like stripes. checkered, polka dots and large flowers.