Life is so beautiful and we all don’t want to come up with any health problems. Perhaps, our organs are working well today, but tomorrow, they may not be well.

A healthy life means having regular exercise, healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude. We’ve listed here 45 tips to live a healthy life.

If you don’t rest and sleep enough, you will eat more to compensate. Get enough rest so that you don’t need to have a snack to make you stay awake. Besides, lack of sleep is also the reason for premature aging and certainly, we all don’t want that!

Most of us don’t drink enough amount of water we need each day. Water makes up more than 60% of our whole body. Water is essential for us to remove waste, carry oxygen and nutrients around the whole body, and carry out body functions.

Moreover, water helps people in losing weight because drinking more water makes our stomachs filled, therefore makes us less hungry and not likely to overeat. Because we lose water daily through breathing, perspiration, urine, and bowel movements, it is necessary for us to refill our water intake.

If you’re well hydrated, the signal is that your urine looks slightly yellow. If it’s dark yellow or sometimes orange, you’re not getting enough amount of water you need! The other signs are little urination, dry mouth, and dry lips.

The amount of water each person needs per day depends on various factors like age, humidity, weight, and physical activity. However, in general, each person needs from 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water per day. Because we take about 20% of our fluid intake from the food we eat, we only need to drink about from 2.0 to 3.0 liters of water (from 8 to 10 glasses) every day.