Australia is culturally diverse, but the culture of its youth is separate from its mainstream culture. The reality is the times the younger population are facing is substantially different to that their parents faced, or that to which their grandparents grew up in, and that has created a culture that is unique.

Employment opportunities or the lack thereof influence those that are part of the younger generation. This is especially true when finding a job is a challenge as it creates difficulties financially. While Australia has a lower rate of unemployment than some countries in so far as how it pertains to youth, it is still enough to significantly influence Australian youth today.

Vintage Clothing Popular Among Youth

Many who fall into the “youth” category are not as attached to the traditional cultures relating to fashion and style. There was a time when youth embraced the traditions of valuing things owned by their grandparents or parents, and that is continuing when it comes from things from the past.

The retro movement comes and goes, but that interest seems to be on the move with Australian youth, especially when it comes to vintage items of clothing. These have become highly sought after as they are unique. The same applies to early technology such as computers and record players. This is clearly a trend, but it is one that is stretching to other countries and is expected to continue.

The most sought after however falls into the clothing category. It allows youth to mix and match unique items that provides them with their own fashion identity. It is considered trendy and is in their minds, a rejection of a materialistic lifestyle. Many feel the previous generations were wasteful and put their opportunities at risk for the sake of greed in so far as the amount they consumed and acquired. That said, many youth feel that less is more and prevents them from being married to a job, responsibilities and debt.

Social Media

Another part of the culture in today’s Australian youth is social media. Australian youth are not any different from other youths around the world consumed with various social media outlets. The constant need to stay connected on Facebook, WhatsApp and others allows youth to maintain contact with friends and accessing via a smartphone is now the norm, and talking face to face is becoming less frequent.

Social media has also seen many younger people turning their backs on politics, and that is a dangerous position as disassociating from politics, or at a minimum staying abreast of politics put an entire generation at risk as their voices are not heard, nor are politicians held accountable as they were in previous generations. It relates to an underlying disdain towards authority who are rebellious as a result of feeling opportunities are not available to them.