Diaz the label, run by Brisbane’s Ana Diaz, is releasing one of IZE’s favourite collections for Autumn/Winter. Entitled ‘State High’, the collection stands out this season with its retro vibe and school girl charm. We think its the best thing since peanut butter M&Ms. IZE speaks to the lovely Ana about the new collection.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the State High collection?
The girl gangs, the nerds, the sport stars and the cheerleaders… A touch of Australiana, and the crazy/scary/fun dynamic of high school (before the internet!), it was the wardrobe for the awkwardly cool protagonist in a coming-of-age screen play. A mishmash of 80’s/90’s nostalgia where scholastic shapes meet cheeky teen rebel prints.

Also I was living at Mount Coolum at the time, so I was very much inspired by that old school 90s surf culture, Mambo prints and rainbow paddle pops.

What is your favourite piece (or is asking a designer that like saying which is your favourite child)?
No I definitely have my favourites! I am pretty obsessed with the Diehard Denim print (overalls!!!) and the raincoat. OH and anything in the Post party print with the green raincoat… those colours are so 90s it’s to die for.

If your collection was the wardrobe to a film, which one would it be?
I think it fits a teen TV series better, and I’m calling Degrassi or Saved by the Bell.

What is the designing process behind State High?

Sketch, drape, pattern make, toile, if it works do a happy dance if it doesn’t have a cry and repeat!

Inspiration wise, when I start a collection I do a lot of research, have a lot of zen time, and for this particular one watched heaps of 80s/90s films and TV shoes like White Men Can’t JumpHouse Party16 CandlesMy So Called Lifeand so on.

What is the best thing about Autumn and Winter in Brisbane?

That it’s not winter at all!! Bright, blue skies, cold mornings and warm days. I’d call that a pretty idyllic winter! Although being in Sydney now I will get to wear a coat for the first time!!!

Are you able to give us an insight into your next collection (S/S)?

It’s all about the adventure… ?