It is just starting to get into spring, but it is never too early to check out fashion trends. There are ones for the fall that will be sure to catch some eyes with big colours and plaid, to name a couple, currently trending. Yeah, summer is not here, but it is never too early to get ready for a seasonal change, and change in clothing and not the weather. It can be hard to get ready for the upcoming season, or one after that regarding the fall. Yet, some of the bigger trends are already here and can give your fall wardrobe a very big kick and maybe even a bigger splash of colour. Here are some of the early fashion trends for the fall of 2018.

Big Colors

No longer is summer the only time of year when you can throw some big colors on and get away with it. Rather than the typical fall earth colours of brown and green, consider going big when autumn arrives with wearing bright colours. These are the trend for the fall and to go a step further, bright-hued clothing is also the trend now, so brighten up the fall when it comes to going big with some brighter colours. A little offshoot on the big color is another trending fashion for this fall in the combination of orange and black. While this Halloween combo is hot the right proportion of them is key, as the best way to go would be a little orange with predominately black, but not the other way around.

Not Just the Beret

The beret has been a popular fashion trend lately and with good reason, as they really look good. However, the beanie is really trending right now for the fall, and there are so many options when it comes to the covering chapeau. From the bigger ski-resort type beanie to the floppy one to the tight and knit ones there are many to choose from and can very easily be matched with an outfit. Also, beanies may seem a little on the sloppy side, but that is not the case, as pairing a nice one with a nice outfit can really do the trick in the class department. The beanie is trending, so keep your eye out for them if one or several catch your eye.

Stand Out!

Does anything stand out more than plaid? I mean it is cool, but if you are looking to blend in maybe it is a good idea to avoid the print altogether. Still, once again, it is a print that is trending for the fall of this year, and there are so many things that you can do with it, why not put it in the collection? The classic pattern is worn, but never worn out, and there are many options when it comes to wearing plaid from a warm sweater to light top to heavy pants or a skirt plaid is here and looks to be a staple in the fall season.