You might be surprised to discover the universities here. Each school has a unique feature, but in general, it is very friendly, warm and quite comfortable. There are many campuses that can make you feel like a community, and people are always ready to help each other, especially international students. Students often dress in the way they feel most comfortable and of course have to be weather appropriate. Teachers always encourage students to ask questions, even those that are not related to study. Students are free to debate any issues that interest them. Don’t be shy because it will help you improve quickly.

In terms of size, Australia is not a populous country but Australians are very interested in connecting people with each other.

Party Invitations and Spotlight Points Australian culture is quite similar to Western culture, here are some points to note when you are invited to a party in Australia. Usually when attending a party, guests will actively bring drinks to serve themselves, it can be wine or beer. Before you go to the party, you should also actively contact the landlord that you can help or if they need your support or anything else. In addition, if you are invited to dinner at an Australian family you should bring a small gift for example: chocolate, small bouquets or a bottle of wine … During the meal, Australians will use a knife and fork according to the text. Western chemistry. So you need to pay a little attention no matter what style you eat, you have to use a fork and knife leisurely, naturally, hold properly, do not grip too tightly and use all your strength. Note that let the host or party owner eat first and then you start eating. Unless you are a distinguished guest and invited by the host to eat first.


Much of Australia’s distinctive culture is sporting. Australians are known to be sports lovers, regardless of whether they participate directly or are just following. Even if sport is not your hobby, you will soon change your mind because it is truly a great social activity in Australia. Australians also love underwater subjects, whether in the pool or at the beach. Taking advantage of surfing lessons while in Australia will be very interesting and you will certainly have many interesting stories to tell when you go home.

Australian art, film and music

Australian art is very unique and diverse. They are visual arts (painting, artist), performing arts (dance, Bangarra …) The Australian music industry has been quite rich since the war by immigrants and prominently the Auditorium Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra. Speaking of music, we can’t help but mention Opera. Formed in 1956, Opera in Australia is constantly growing and few people are not attracted to this type of classical art. That’s why the Sydney Opera House is an icon here.