Commonly, casinos are associated with fashion and glamour, with high rollers and their luxury dressing to impress themselves when hitting the tables. If you want to avoid looking out of place when visiting a casino in 2019, here are some casino fashion trends to embrace.

Flat shoes are trendy

Women who don’t want to rock uncomfortable high heels for hours on the casino floor can easily breathe because this year witnesses the rise of flat shoes as the most fashionable form of footwear.

Flat shoe designs are incredibly various, from plain leather products to outlandishly colorful alternatives. You can find stylish flat shoes from major houses like Gucci, or mainstream outlets like Zara or Topshop for more affordable equivalents.

Neon is so fashionable

In the 80s and 90s, muted tones seemed like to have been here to stay and the trendy fashions of decades gone by were no longer acceptable. However, because fashion is a cyclical beast, it is not surprising to see that the trend of neon tones has returned now.

From tracksuit combos mixing lurid yellow with electric blue to flowing evening dresses decked out in brightly pink, there is a neon fashion outfit for both men and women. This style might seem a little much out in the daylight; however, in a casino’s party atmosphere, it will also be the perfect accompaniment.

Big shoulders are back

Another revival of a fad from the earlier era comes in the size of the shoulder sections of many cutting edge suit jackets and dresses.

Houses such as Yves Saint Laurent have plowed this furrow anew with some spectacular concoctions in the recent months, and this particular trend has no sign of coming to an end soon.

One of the advantages of having puffed or particularly padded shoulders in a casino is that you will be able to find enough space if you want to approach a busy table game.