Despite the return of hot drinks and cozy sweaters, fall is also the time of year when you must part with your summer dresses. One of the most boring things when changing from summer to fall is the loss of the lightweight dresses that we basically used during the warmest and hottest months of the year. Then, you find yourself rummaging through your closets, remembering the days of unsleeved arms and bare legs. However, this weather is an exciting time to wear your dresses in a new way, and LAYERING is the perfect choice to bring a ray of summer sunshine into your fall wardrobe.

These are five fall looks for your summer must-have items to retire a little later this year. From wrap to button down, mini to maxi, there’s a dress for about everyone. Check out for inspiration on how to style them.


Pair your preferred mini dress with a pair of tall boots, and layer it over a warm turtleneck. Put on a tartan blazer to finish the look!

Slip Dress

A floral summer slip dress seems to be the favorite of all girls and women. Try layering it with a colorful knit sweater, and pairing it with a boot to keep you warm during the fall.


You can never be out of date with a classic button-down shirt dress. In cooler months, try wearing it over your comfiest cropped jeans, and pair it with high booties.

Evening Dress

Renew your satin wrap dress for the fall season by wearing it over a blouse. Forget the heels and opt for comfy loafers + fun socks for the brand new look.

Animal Print

Rock an animal printed dress over a simple white tee. Add a colorful double-breasted corduroy blazer to the look in order to stick to the eclectic style.