I Used to Skate Once is a sick event curated by the even sicker Brisbane store, The Outpost. Jamming together music and art, the ninth year of IUTSO was held at The Zoo on 20th June.

After looking through all of the artists on board, I realised one thing in common: they were all ladies. The art component of the show featured a stack of amazing skateboard decks individually designed by all the artists. They lined the walls of The Zoo and were a prominent part of the evening. The decks were on sale during the night leaving some very lucky attendees with happy purchases. Apart from the plethora of these talented artists, UK artist Chrisssie Abbott had a full show on display also.

The bands also followed suit with the ladies theme. IUTSO has  a knack for choosing small bands on the cusp of breaking big into the Australian music scene. In a past year they had a then relatively unknown Royal Headache grace the stage. Unfortunately the headliner of the show, Terrible Truths, had to pull out at last minute so Brisbane outfit Mega Ogre stepped up to the plate to support Major Leagues. For a last minute change of performance, the two bands that played the evening complemented each other perfectly. Mega Ogre is primarily male but is fronted by female singer Sam George-Allen. Sam had an ethereal sounding voice that carried through the whole venue. Along with the other talented musicians (or ogres) in the band, Mega Ogre are definitely a Brisbane to keep your sights lock on.

Long time IZE favourites Major Leagues followed with their dreamy, nostalgic ridden sounds. Consisting of three chicks and a guy drummer (who wore a blonde wig to disguise his maleness), Major Leagues put on a great show as per usual. Whilst playing old hits Creeper and Teen Mums, they also pulled out some new material including soon to be released Endless Drain. Major Leagues will be touring new material interstate in August.