Ingrid Wang is a 16 year old amateur Brisbane photographer. Her talent at such a young age is rare to come by and has impressed us all here at IZE. With photographs like a breath of fresh air, her work seems effortless whilst it is sophisticated and intricate. Continue reading for an interview with Ingrid.

How did you pick up photography?

I have been asked this question many times and the bizarre thing is that I don’t really know how; I think it was just with the desire of preserving memories, and a wish to capture wistful sceneries and quixotic journeys that my love affair with photography begun.

What are your inspirations?

What is beyond inspiring to me is the entire spectrum of the human experience; the intimacy of waking up to a love and watching the light filter through the blinds and dance across their skin; the pure, unadulterated freedom felt when wind sweeps up your hair; moments of catching strangers eye in a sea of people, even for just a second, where everybody and everything else fades away and this beautiful electric connection arises.

Do you classify photography as a hobby, passion or future career?

Passion. Photography ignites this essence within me that I can’t quite explain all I know is that it is fiery and consumes me whole.

What do you find to be an interesting subject to shoot?

I would like to capture more of nature – calm waves like a curtain of vanilla cream, tender specks of gold in the smallest openings in the sky – however, people are my favourite to shoot, human emotions and feelings and trying to (though I don’t do it very well) manifest them into my photos; so, in the future, I think conflict photography would be an interesting realm to explore.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Where there’s a gathering of people, I’m actually quite shy, I’m the one who sits and just observes everyone, not in a creepy way, you know, just the way their face lights up when they talk about a certain something; the crinkles of their noses when they laugh; the patterns made by the freckles on their face; the way the light drenches through their hair.

Though around the intimate circle of people in my life, I’m the one with the case of the incessant giggles and can never seem to keep a straight face. You know the saying that ‘laughing can extend your life’? Well, my loves have said that I would apparently be the one to live forever.

See more of Ingrid’s photography on her Flickr.