KTB’s trademark ingredient in your bowls and smoothies is the Açaí berry. Can you tell us the health benefits of this super food? Açaí is a little purple berry that originated in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, it looks much like a blueberry but is a bit smaller and darker in colour. It has been considered by many to be one of the most powerful and nutritious super foods on the planet. This is because it contains high levels of essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9). It is super rich in antioxidants, contains 19 different amino acids, is rich in minerals and vitamins (especially calcium and vitamin E), is low in sugar and is an excellent source of dietary fiber and natural energy. It exceeds everything your body requires. This is why it makes for an overly nourishing snack, lunch and especially breakfast meal. The açaí bowl has been a traditional meal in Brazil for centuries; it has only been in the last 5 years that the rest of the work discovered their youthful secret. One of the exciting things KTB has in store your very own food van. What news can you share with us about this? While travelling in Austin, I also fell in love with the food van phenomena in Austin, I loved the culture they brought to the city and how the each expressed their cuisine through their design. It has been our plan from the start to operate through a food van. We loved the idea that we would be able to go to our followers, rather than the other way around, whether we rock up at parks, beaches, boot camps or festivals. The KTB food van commences building at the start of November and should be done some time during February. As soon as it is finished, we will be hitting the streets and serving up our bowls across Brisbane.KTB-3And of course, what colour are you hoping the van to be? Interesting question actually, we have no idea!!! Our trademark colour is purple, but we feel it’s going to be a bit too bright for our beloved van. So we think we may have to tone our colours back a bit. What other KTB ventures are in the work? Currently we are planning on doing a pop-up stall in Adelaide St for the 6 weeks leading up til Christmas. We will have a bit of time off over Christmas and will be back in the New Year getting ready for our food van. It is our dream to have food vans all over Australia, and small KTB food cafes, so we are always working towards achieving this, even though it is a bit far away. We have a few other projects under our sleeve at the moment but will leave those are a KTB secret, make sure you follow us though because it wont be long until we let it out to our followers.How do the Açaí bowls and smoothies fit into an active and healthy lifestyle? We call it the Kiss the Berry lifestyle. We believe that healthy eating and active living come hand in hand. It is all about treating your body right, nourishing it and loving it. That is where we come in! When you make up and nourish your body with an açaí bowl or smoothie, you are putting your mind and body in the right mindset to get out there and have an active day. There is actually no better way to start off your day. We try to encourage and inspire our followers to eat well, exercise daily and to believe in themselves. Where can we get Kiss the Berry’s yummy (and nutritious) bowls and smoothies? We are at the Eagle Farm Markets in Ascot every Sunday. We also do a pop up stall at the Odyssey Project Espresso Bar in Milton, just off park road, about once a month. You will also be able to find us for the 6 weeks leading up til Christmas on Adelaide St, Brisbane City.