Australian fedora brand, Lack of Color has been making waves in the fashion industry. IZE speaks to Tess Corvaia about her beginnings, inspiration and what’s next for the brand.

Who is behind Lack of Colour and when did the brand emerge?

Myself (Tess Corvaia) and Robert Tilbury are behind the brand. I have experience in the fashion industry and Rob is also a talented graphic designer and videographer so our creative juices just sort of meshed together and LOC was born.

Where did you get the idea from to open up an online specialty fedora store?

Our constant desire to dive head first into the fashion industry in general is mainly what sparked the start of LOC. Hats, fedoras in particular are a great thing to tie together any style or look whether it’s casual or formal. We felt as if this section of the market was a bit flat and dead apart from the higher end designers that were out of reach to the majority of consumers. After doing a whole lot of research and brainstorming on concepts we managed to get our first samples and Lack of Color came to be what it is today.

Why did you choose hats as opposed to other clothing and accessories?

We all have trusted shoe, bag and jewellery brands that we know and trust but we thought there was no real hat specific brand. No brand that fashion forward Australian’s can go to and trust where they know they can get a quality fashion accessory at an accessible price point. That’s where Lack of Color came. We wanted to fill that hole in the market.

In designing a new collection, where do you draw inspiration from or how do you form new ideas?

We draw inspiration from so many places. The environment around us. The textures, colours and different variables that we see. From overseas fashion to local fashion, we try to make sure our colours and styles are always on trend and on point so that they are both fresh but also wearable for our customers. Music, art and just the culture that surrounds our lives.

How should the Lack of Color hats be styled this Spring?

We think the Lack of Color man or woman is sophisticated, classy and has a polished sense of style. We think that an LOC piece is the perfect way to top off an outfit. Whether you match it with other pieces of your outfit, like your shoes, your bag or just want to add that extra special cherry on top – we think there are endless ways lack of color can be styled this spring. Our instagram page (@lackofcoloraus) is always swarming with fantastic customer and blogger photos where everyone can draw some style inspiration from about how to style their LOC pieces.

What is the next collection called and when will it be released?

We can’t reveal too much yet but it is going to be pretty special. Some great neutral shades and summer hues. It will be released September/October so stay tuned!