Before attending my first ever Splendour in the Grass, I scrambled for advice from those older and wiser than me about what to bring and what to do. After going myself, I complied a list of lessons I learnt throughout my experiences.
1. It gets super hot during the day

“Splendour in the Grass is sooo cold”. Half myth, half true. I rocked up to Splendour with enough layered clothing to tackle Antarctica. I optimistically packed a dress and dungarees of which my mum said to me, yeah right. What ended up happening were the days were really warm whilst the nights got freezing cold. If you’re camping on site, I recommend coming back to change for the evening.

2. Don’t go too hard on the first day

I get it, Splendour is exciting but just don’t get caught up in the moment and drink more than you can handle at 11am on Friday morning. Spending the first day puking outside of your tent from 5pm means you won’t be able to drink for the rest of the weekend and your friends have the right to pay you out about it for the rest of the festival. The only positive part is that Mumford and Sons will “not wait” for you to drag your dishevelled self out of the tent and you’ll miss them.

3. Beware of sniffer dogs 

IZE do not condone the taking of recreational drugs but it’s Splendour so I’m going to be realistic. If you decide you’re going to take drugs in there’s more than a 50% chance that police dogs are going to sniff out your cars. If you decide to risk it for the biscuit, you’re probably going to get caught and doggy biscuits will be all you’ll be seeing.

4. Seeing the local acts is worth it

Seeing the local early acts means that you’ll be starting your day at around 1pm. You might have to start predrinking at a time that lends pouring vodka in your cereal but it’s definitely worth it. These bands are the ones who in a couple of years time will be headlining the festival. Just take Flume. Opened the mix-up tent last year and close it this year. On ya Harley.

5. Life goes on without a hair straightener

Thursday to Monday, for those camping that’s a whole five days without a hair straightener. I had never gone that long in my life without my beloved GHD but one thing I learnt is it’s not that bad and I did survive. Once you put some super indie gems and bindis on your face, you’ll instantly go from looking like a hobo to boho festival babe.

6. Just don’t shower

I made the mistake of having a shower at the campsite and I walked out feeling dirtier than I when I stepped in. With the shower floor covered in mud and by the time you put your gumboots back after you get out, the whole exercise seems pretty null. Baby wipes is the way to go.

7. Seeing Mumford and Sons is a waste of time

This pretty much sums it up.