There is a saying that “Die doing what you love.” Well, it is good to enjoy the things which make you happy until the end. And when it comes to an actor, musician, or television performer, they die in front of their audiences who could be traumatized forever. I deliver here the list of some famous folks who worked literally until dying whilst on stage or on live television.


The death of Les Harvey – the Scottish guitarist for the band Stone the Crows – was really a shock. In 1972, while performing on stage at a concert in Wales, he was electrocuted by a microphone which wasn’t earth grounded.

The band Stone the Crows could have had a meteoric rise to fame when they had just coming off a successful album named Teenage Licks. However, the band broke up just after Les Harvey’s death in front of thousands of audiences.


Talented English comedian, singer, and actor Eric Morecambe was named in the list of 100 Greatest Britons of all time by the BBC in 2002. He was famous for the Morecambe and Wise Show, starring with his comedy partner Ernie Wise.

In 1984, Morecambe suffered his third heart attack during a charity event in Gloucestershire, England and immediately collapsed after stepping off the stage. He was pronounced dead five and a half hours after having been rushed to hospital.


The bizarre death of Edith Webster sounds just like a play’s plot in which she may have appeared because she died while acting out the death of her character on stage.

In 1986, when Webster was 60-year-old, she played the character of a grandmother in the play The Drunkard. It was the same role she had played for eight years, in which she would sing a song before slumping over dead. But on her final performance, she wasn’t acting. The audience gave her a round of applause as usual, but she wasn’t alive to hear it.