Emma Kay is the Brisbane dwelling beauty behind Pom Pom Salad. She makes funky pom pom accessories,  but specialises in gorgeous pom earrings. Emma talks to IZE about all things poms, and as her store title says she’s a total betty.

When did you begin Pom Pom Salad?

I started Pom Pom Salad almost two years ago now. It started as just a small Etsy store but now I’m sending my products all over Australia!

What inspired you to start making pom pom jewellery and homewares?

I’m a pretty colourful sort of person and have always been interested in arts, crafts and fashion world. I started off making pom pom garlands for my bedroom and to decorate for parties. My friends and family loved them and after I realised the market potential, I started to think of what else I could do with pom poms!

You’ve just added pom pom hairbands to your range of earrings and garlands, is there any other new products that are in the works?

There are so many things you can do with pom poms, and I have so many ideas! At the moment I’m playing with pom pom rings and different hair accessories such as pom pom clips. In the future I would also love to look at putting them on pillowcases, clothes, socks and bags.

How would you describe the ideal Pom Pom Salad lover in three words?

Funky, colourful and fun!

Living in Brisbane, what do you think is unique and cool about the local fashion scene?

There are so many great places in Brisbane to find unique pieces. From Winn Lane, antique centres in Woolloongabba, and to independent boutique stores, we are pretty lucky. I think Brisbane is a little bit more subtle in our fashion compared to Melbourne or Sydney, but here there are no rules, dress codes or trends that must be followed. I see girls everyday in magnificent outfits, curated out of their own wardrobes which aren’t designer, but handpicked and put together from all different sources. They’re always the best.

Can you share with us any exciting things coming up this year?

I’ve been trying to gain more skill in other jewellery making besides pom poms. Hopefully this year my range will expand to include other funky earrings. I’ve been making my own dangle earrings for a while now but haven’t been selling them so this is definitely on the cards!