Rad Person of the Week (RPOTW) is the latest segment here at IZE. Each week we feature the raddest local around and interview them on lots of cool stuff. For the digital issue, this focuses on talent involved in the digi sphere. This week we interview Pip from Brisbane blog, Outside is Colours. Pip has captured our attention with her brilliant style, amazing ensembles and her love for Australian fashion.

When did you begin your blog ‘Outside is Colours’ and what motivated you to enter the blogging sphere?

I started my blog around April last year (2013). I was online shopping obsessed, loved being creative with my outfits, and my friends were always complementing me on my clothes and asking where I got things. It’s also when I started to consider that maybe I wanted to work in the fashion industry, so I thought starting my own blog would be a great way to share my style and make a name for myself I guess.
Outside blogging, what other hobbies do you have?

Currently, online shopping is just about my only hobby – gotta focus on what’s important you know? Haha. I have toyed with the idea designing some clothes of my own, and I keep a record ideas and inspiration, but I’m yet to find the time to really get into it.

As a Brisbane girl yourself, what do you think is special about the Brisbane fashion industry?

I’m a big fan of Brisbane designers. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m literally dressed head-to-toe in clothes and accessories designed by past and present QUT fashion students! I love discovering talented young and emerging designers. They tend to bring something fresh to the fashion scene, and are often quite experimental, which I absolutely love. I feel like Brisbane’s fashion community is also a pretty close knit bunch, with everybody wearing each other’s designs and supporting local designers, which is really great given that our fashion scene is probably less well known than say Melbourne or Sydney.

Do you have any tips for shopping on a student budget?

Stalk, stalk, stalk. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth for some of the pricier Australian designers, but I’m always searching the things I’ve fallen in love with on sale. I make sure I follow all of my favourite labels and stores on every social media outlet possible, and sign up to all of their newsletters, and check them religiously to make sure I never miss a sale (or the drop of a new collection)! I also try to avoid buying things spontaneously, and instead keep a wishlist of things I’m thinking about buying and go back to it and treat myself to something I really love when I’ve got a comfortable amount of disposable income.

Do you prefer online shopping or shopping IRL?

I’m definitely an online shopper. I’m very calculated about how I invest in my wardrobe, so I want to make sure I’m always getting the best possible price and avoid feeling pressured into buying something that I like but don’t love. Shopping is something I really do love and I don’t want to taint the experience with buyer’s remorse! I’m also pretty fond of finding relatively unknown Australian or international designers that aren’t stocked in boutiques, so the web is a great place to find unique treasures!

Outside is Colours is on many different digital platforms including Blogger, Facebook Instagram and Twitter. What are the perks of this for you personally?

My blog is still young so I think it’s important to make my work as visible and accessible as possible so hopefully I catch a few eyes and grow my audience, as well as making it easier for people to follow my work, whatever their social media addiction. It’s also great for helping me to find other fashion bloggers and creatives and appreciate what they do too!

What do you think about the relationship between social media and blogging?

It’s essential. Blogs are almost nothing without social media channels. While there are a few ways for fans to follow their favourite blogs, like RSS feeds or websites like Bloglovin, they’re nowhere near as popular as social media channels like Instagram or Facebook, and potential blog followers might not even know they exist, let alone use them regularly. Having multiple channels for my blog also means I can share different kinds of content from what I usually share in my blog posts, like a tweet about an awesome sale I think my followers would love or a quick Instagram snap of some exciting new purchases that have just arrived in the mail!

Do you think there are any negatives associated with an increasingly digitised society?

While I love that the online and digital environment makes sharing ideas and finding inspiration and collaborating a whole lot easier, it does make protecting unique ideas and creative content a nightmare. When people put hard work and their own creative talent in creating something – a song, a photograph, artwork – it’s disheartening to see those creations shared and sometimes capitalised on without so much as credit to the original artist or individual.

What exciting thing are you working on now and have coming up in the near future?

I’ve been a little slack on the blogging front lately, predominantly because I’ve been focusing on uni, but I’m getting really psyched up for the four months of freedom ahead of me at the end of the semester so I can really dive head first into blogging again. I’ve been chatting with a few emerging Brisbane fashion bloggers about collaborating on shoots with up-and-coming Brisbane designers so hopefully you’ll see a whole lot a Brissy talent featured on Outside Is Colours is the near future!

Ideally, where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

I’d love to turn my passion for seeking out unique and emerging designers into a career as a fashion buyer. Since I’m such a big fan of online shopping, being part of a team bringing fresh and creative designs from small time designers to the online market would be an absolute dream for me.