Ariana Gillrie takes us into the woods with her editorial Rumspringa. The talented Sunshine Coast-based photographer has collaborated with stylist and makeup artist Alyssa Selin to produce a beautiful set of photos that will make you yearn to frolick among the lumber. Interview with Ariana below.

Photographer: Ariana Gillrie (@arianagillrie)

Model: Elly Grace (@elly_graace)

Stylist + Makeup: Alyssa Selin

Assistant: Stephanie Vanneste

Jewellery: The Armored Club

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How long have you been taking photos for and when did your interest in photography begin?

I started shooting bands for a street publication when I was about 16-17, and just kept falling more and more in love with photography. My real interest began when I first moved to Canada and started working for a commercial photographer, and eventually ended up quitting job after job to move to Korea to just photograph my heart out – that was a time that really changed me as a photographer.

Why do you like being behind a camera?

I’ve always liked that to be a photographer, you have to be there, in the thick of whatever is happening. The longer I shoot, the more I get into the technical stuff, and play more with the artistic side or things and the balance between shadow and light.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the Rumspringa editorial?

Most of that came from the stylist for the shoot, Alyssa Selin, and I working on a concept, and then her beautiful styling really inspired both myself and the model Elly during the shoot. Also didn’t hurt being in the woods – this is one of my favourite shoots I’ve done this year.

Do you prefer to shoot on film or digital, and why?

I shoot mostly film when I’m not working – I own a plethora of film cameras, and only one digital. I think film captures light and shadow in a really magical way, and it just never looks quite the same with digital; it’s soft and dreamy and sharp in focus all at the same time. I’m actually eyeing down another two film cameras to buy lately, but they’re getting harder and harder to find at prices that aren’t equivalent to my left arm. Digital is the more cost effective option, and has it’s own look that I also love, but film holds a special place in my heart.

You are a self-professed nomad having grown up and lived in different countries all around the globe. How does this inform your photography?

I wouldn’t be who I was without travel or photography – lord knows that is where most of my money in life has gone. I feel like a lot of my photography captures the curiosity that I have in life; I always want to see what is around the corner and how life is lived elsewhere, so I’m really lucky that photography is something I can take with me wherever I go. I’ve traded photography a few times for van rentals, trips, and other things people were willing to barter for, and am actually on the road now as I type this.

What is one subject or location you dream of photographing?

I got to go to Iceland and shoot there a few years ago which was a dream that I still wish I could slip back into at times .. I was actually even just talking to my boyfriend about moving there for a little while yesterday, so I think that place still has a hold on me for something that hasn’t been satisfied yet.