The Blurst of Times truly did prove to be the best of times, and after its wrap-up for another year I think I’ve well and truly exhausted that Simpsons reference. The second year of the festival boasted an even bigger line-up, featuring the cream of the crop of Australian music acts. It also saw the festival’s expansion to Melbourne and Sydney. IZE were lucky enough to catch the Brisbane-leg of the tour and what ensued was too much fun and good times. I pick our top five highlights from the event (in order of performance) and what do you know, they’re all Brisbane bands!


I kicked off the day’s festivities with Babaganouj, the four-piece band of nostalgic indie gooey goodness. With their unique sound, laid back attitude and cohesion together on stage, they were one of the standouts of the day. Most exciting of all was to hear them play their most recent single Bluff performed live, a song that I’ve had on repeat for the last couple of months.

Jeremy Neale

Jeremy Neale never fails to impress, even after you’ve seen him live close to a gazillion times, but there were three moments that particularly rock and rolled from this set. Blurst-goers were treated to his much hyped up DEBUT performance of new single Stallion Rider. If that wasn’t enough, he also played two other new songs with Phoebe from the disbanded Go Violets on accompanying vocals. We’ve always been in awe of Phoebe’s amazing set of pipes, so it was very exciting to see her perform again. Jeremy finished up his set with his song In Stranger Timesthat the Go Violets feature on the recording. I was feeling a little bit sad that they no longer get to perform this live, until Jeremy called them all up on stage for a mini Go Violets reunion! Too much excitement.


Shortly after Jeremy Neale’s performance, he appeared back on stage fronting the 15-piece super band Velocitator. The Zoo was absolutely packed to capacity with everyone sweaty and all up in each other’s grill. This just added to the  craziness when Velociraptor took to the stage performing In the Springtime and everyone broke out into frenzy. However, the number one moment from the set was when Sweetie Zamora (major babe from Bloods) joined the band on stage to sing on One Last Serenade from their latest album.

The Creases

I only managed to catch the last part of the Creases set, as they clashed with Velociraptor. However, I legged it from the Zoo to On the Brightside and was able to catch the last couple of songs. When I arrived, I saw Cesira Aitken (another major babe from the Jungle Giants) on stage performing with the band. Then the audience was treated to their freshest track Gradient, which has really been doing the rounds on Triple J recently. The Creases are easily one of the most talked out bands in the Australian music scene at the moment and it’s so exciting to see great talent blossoming out of Brisbane yet again.

DZ Deathrays

There is only one word that can be said of DZ Deathrays and that is chaos. But when I say chaos, I mean it in the blurst of ways. With an Aria award and a new album on their back, DZ have well and truly established themselves as an all around sick band. It’s hard to believe that so much noise and chaos can be incited from a two-piece, but they somehow manage to pull if off. The DZ Deathrays set was the most fun and crazy of the night playing to a packed out audience in the On the Brightside car park. They were definitely the highlight of the Blurst of Times and the perfect way to end the festival.

Photograph by Mitch Lowe