It is a known fact that advancement in technology have touched our lives in many positive ways. It has made a high technical field less technical and has made things to be done quicker, cheaper and effectively. Music is not left out of this transformation technology have had on our lives.

So, sequel to our previous article on The Changes Technology brought to Music, we will in this article continue our discussion in examining the changes technology brought to music and its impacts.

High Technical Ability No Longer Required

Writing and making music have now become extremely easy with these advancements in technology. Invention of electronics have lower the barrier entry to write what is sometime extremely complex music.

The invention of MIDI equally made thing easy as there are no mistakes anymore. Whenever you make a mistake with any note, just re-adjust and you are on your way to creating a recording masterpiece.

There have been a going debate whether this inventions made music cheap, but we are not going to dabble into that argument here. We are only interested in the fact that these inventions open up market to a whole lot of creative people to take the stage, who were before now, unable to do so.

Music now have become to some extent strictly about ideas, than on how fast you can learn or play an instrument. However, this may lead to the potential loss of those expert dynamics and emotional attachment that comes from a musician who has finely tuned his craft through thousands of hours of practices, but the possibility of more ideas being created would outweigh the negative attribute of missing out on those technical skills. One skillfulness is found in the way he composes and arranges his lyrics rather than in its playback.

It leads to the formation of new sounds

When you have access to new noises that you have never heard before, it will greatly affect the way you write. It is quite obvious.

You will find yourself writing notes and rhythms based on the sample that you have produced using your MIDI keyboard. You would no longer write music first, rather the sound that you are using will direct you on which note you should. This is quite different from the way we write. Before now, we would first think about what we want to write and devout a lot of time and effort to writing something worthwhile.

Writing music is not an easy task and tapping into your subconscious is often much more productive that writing off hand. So, using all these technological inventions available today can assist you tap into your subconscious power and help you write very well. It is not impossible before now to tap into this subconscious power but it have become a whole lot simpler.

With this advances in technology, it have become much more easier to write, create and record music, consequently, a lot of people who would not have been involved in music are now doing so . More importantly, creating and recording music which would require tens of thousands of dollars have now become what anyone can do with some loose change.

It is much easier now to become a creative music maker with these inventions.