Music strives on innovation, so the impact inventions and discoveries such as electricity and elasticity have had on music cannot be over-emphasized. It has transformed the way and manner we arrange sounds, hence, it is no longer the same old music and notes in new instruments. New technology have change the way we approach music.

It has change the way artist accesses music and every invention have given rise to a different approach to music by every artist.

This changes in approach are discussed below.

Accessibility and Sharing

With the advent of the internet and the possibility of high speed data transfer, many different options of sharing and accessing music have become available.

It is now possible for an artist to collaborate with someone who is thousands of miles away with completely different culture, background, musical styles and language. This immediately put the artist in unique advantage when it comes to creating new sounds and feelings.

Additionally, we now have the ability to stream millions of music.

You can easily find other musical acts through social networks such as Facebook and soundcloud, listen to their songs and decide for yourself if you would love to collaborate with any of them on any upcoming music projects.

These inventions have really changed the face of music. It has made it somewhat possible to assemble that professional quality home studio under a $1000, thereby making it possible for everyone to make a recording. Before this became possible, records were difficult to make and home recordings will only pass at best as demo quality.

Also, with inexpensive programs like Logic Pro, Reason and Pro Tools available today, the engineer has much smaller advantage than before. The massive gap between a home engineer and a studio engineer have been cut down to a small fraction if not eliminated.

One Man plays

The advent of musical inventions such as Reason, has now made it possible for one man to play music. This is what would normally take a whole band to do in the past. Although, this invention may not fully replace a full rock or metal band, but it will surely make a huge impact. Bands like Genghis Tron do not have a drummer. It is done electronically.

This development have now allow bands to move quicker in their careers, and has translated to less band members to manage which in turn means more convenience and more money for each band member.

This is very obvious that technology have changed music significantly and it is continuing to do so as more inventions are being discovered that will make making music a no brainer. These significant impacts of technology cannot be captured in one article, so stay tuned for a Part 2 of this article.