If you have owned any Jock Jams albums, you may realize that there are some of these songs which many sporting events just can’t help but play. They make fans fired up and on their feet during the game and hoped to inspire the performances from the players.

As some songs are overplayed, blared through the sound system of the stadium every single game, their popularity surely can’t be denied.

  1. Journey: “Don’t Stop Believin’’’

“Don’t Stop Believin’’’ might be the go-to karaoke song of every drunk sorority girl, but while you visit every singing bar from Thursday to Saturday, you get up and dance whenever it plays at a sporting event.

We all know this song’s words, therefore, go ahead to try and get on that Jumbotron man!

  1. House of Pain: “Jump Around

Although “Jump Around” was composed in the early 1990s, this crowd-pleaser still makes the youngest fans ready for whatever sporting event they’re watching.

This song gains extra points for the over one decade tradition which Wisconsin football fans have going because it is one of the best songs in college football.

  1. Queen: “We Will Rock You

If you want to set up a list of top sports bands, Queen might be at the top. With numerous songs which blast at many sporting events all over the world, “We Will Rock You” is the first song that we recognize here.

It’s short but sweet and makes fans taunt the opposition with every word.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne: “Crazy Train”

At some period of time in baseball’s history, many Directors of Gameday Events thought that it would be clever to play this Ozzy Osbourne song every time the bases were loaded.


Thanks to its opening words of “All aboard,” it makes various senses, so it’s stuck with mostly every stadium since it was created.