1. The Rolling Stones: “Start Me Up”

“Start Me Up”, the classic pregame song of The Rolling Stones, can typically be found before kickoff at a football stadium or a tipoff at a basketball game.

Its guitar chord just makes every fan of the game out of their seat and ready to go.

  1. Blur: “Song 2”

It’s one of the most intense songs which found its way into sports, however, it definitely gets fans to go.

Every time there is a timeout and the arena needs something to make fans get rowdy and on their feet, this song of Blur usually finds its way coming through the speakers.

  1. Ray Charles: “Hit the Road Jack”

Whether it’s a pitcher being pulled after getting shelled or a guy getting tossed from a basketball game, “Hit the Road Jack” is typically the go-to at any sporting event.

  1. Guns N’ Roses: “Welcome to the Jungle”

“Welcome to the Jungle” has become quite popular in Ohio since the Cincinnati Bengals found success by making the playoffs in the past 2 seasons.

However, even outside the ‘Nati, we can see fans making as much noise as they can to the song to remind the opposing teams that they have just walked into a zoo which is full of crazed animals, or really rowdy fans.

  1. Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne: “Let It Rock”

If you have ever been to an NBA game over the past ten years, we bet that you have heard this song by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne too many times to remember.

Perhaps, it’s not very popular in other sports, but with the hardwood, it’s inescapable.

  1. Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”

When players need to get motivated to push themselves over a late-game deficit, it’s exactly the time to play “Eye of the Tiger” of Survivor.

We personally played hoops in our driveway to these songs when they came out, why wouldn’t a thousand athletes do the same?