1. Soccer

The number one sports for team sports for teenagers in Australia is soccer. There are more than 1.194 million kids regularly playing this sports.

The growth of soccer is usually attributed to the growing success of our international teams, the Matildas (women’s team) and therefore the Socceroos (men’s team) who recently won the Asian cup and made the finals of the last two World Cups, too.

Then there is the national competition, the A-League, which goes on to grow in popularity.

Some other factors contributing the expansion of soccer in Australia is that the social side of weekend games and therefore the fact it’s non-contact and offers great exercise for teenagers. Kids and fogeys alike are enjoying being involved local competitions.

If you’d wish to introduce your child to soccer and learn the talents of the sport from a number of our country’s best player and experienced coaches, register for one among the various 3-day soccer programs run over school holiday round the country.

2. Basketball

Basketball is the second highest team sport in Australia. It has around 748,000 6-13-year old’s competing regularly. With more and more national competitions, basketball continues to grow.

Played throughout schools, basketball is enjoyed by many, often due to its fast, free flowing action, and suitability for everybody to hitch in on the action.

3. Cricket

Cricket may be a national pastime in Australia. We’ve always had a really strong international team. Sometimes the countries and therefore the media’s interest in cricket can approach obsession. With numerous iconic players including Dennis Lillee, Merv Hughes, Don Bradman, and Shane Warne, we are recognized round the world as a number one cricketing nation.

Cricket invests tons into its grassroots competitions and most Australian kids at some stage in their life will devour the bat and ball and choose successful down the park, at the beach or maybe to the local cricket nets.

There are currently 631,000 juniors actively involved in cricket competition and lots of cricket skills programs for young kids to find out the fundamentals and obtain involved.