Australian fashion always survey the trends from European summer during our winter to figure out ways to make them our own as warm weather finally rolls around. With a new summer comes plenty of new trends to wrap around your head, depending on the style aesthetic you’re trying to channel or the kind of dresser you are.

For warm-weather trend watching, a perfect place to start is Copenhagen Fashion Week, where Scandinavian It-girls show a who’s who of fashion trends in order to keep up with in the coming months.

Summer trends

With the birth of new trends, along with the timely revival of old ones, look for the following trends to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

1. Utility Chic

In 2019, never think that overalls aren’t on-trend. For example, an army-colored boiler suit can make the perfect canvas for modern.

2. Pattern on pattern

It’s now time to throw out the window your love of minimalism, no matter how much you covet your Old Céline. Although it was once considered as a faux pas to merge multiple prints in only one outfit, now is the time to be bold and intermix them – for example, by way of Prada’s ’60s-reminiscent patterns.

3. Excess baggage

It’s time to leave the micro bag behind because the best accessory trend of this season has practicality front of mind. The doubled-up bag trend gives a fun sophistication to outfits, and becomes a chic way to experiment with new-season colors. The street-style set of Copenhagen embraced the trend in varying bag shapes and shades. Add interest to outfits by doubling the exact same bag in contrasting colourways.

4. Summer zest

This season, a textbook of nostalgic trend is going to make their own resurgence, including tie dye. Dyed garments with zesty and bright color schemes were revived on the runway at Prada, becoming a favourite amongst the most fashionable set, so don’t be afraid to experiment.