Brisbane label House of Cards always puts out dreamy, eye-catching one-of-a-kind collections. Her latest offering ‘The Waisted Years’ is no exception. IZE talks to designer Ashiya about the new collection.

‘The Waisted Years’ has a very distinct nostalgic high school feel. What kind of aesthetic were you channeling?
‘Freaks & Geeks’ meets TLC.

Where did you draw inspiration from?
Whatever my obsessions are at the time I’m designing. It can be anything from places to people to movies to eras.

How long has this collection been in the works?
All collections are in the design process around 10 months before the first drop is released.

What kinds of fabrics and textures did you use in this collection?
There is a fair bit of jersey use, including some bamboo jersey which is super light & soft, perfect for this darn hot weather we are already getting. There are also a few quality leather pieces in there & some chambray styles which are also super light and breathable for summer.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
The Class of Tee, it’s super basic but it’s so freaking soft, it feels amazing on.

If you could choose one movie to describe your collection, what would it be?
Dazed & Confused

‘The Waisted Years’ is now available for pre-order with the first shipment dispatched on 1 November.