Words by Rachel Abad

We all love a little treasure hunting. The feeling before you set off with your back pack full of life and death necessities like a melted mars bar, 20 year old bandaids we found in the back of Mum’s medicine cabinet and a purple and yellow plastic camera we are not even sure words. But 27-year-old Kimberley Robinson or Kijaro does her own kind of treasure hunting of the vintage kind and boy, does it sparkle.

When did you realise you had a passion for vintage treasures?
Well I have been bought up with old things, dead people furniture my Dad and I used to call it. When someone died in the family, everyone else didn’t want it all and my parents couldn’t see it get thrown out, so it came to our house. The house was always filled with old things that we acquired, but I never really thought anything of it.

When did this treasure hunting begin?
I think my earliest memory of treasure hunting was, when I was waiting to be picking up, or walk home, from primary school just out side the grounds on the edge of a sports oval were there giant trees. We began digging one day and found typewriter keys. I think every day after school I would just sit and dig to uncover these treasures

What sparks this love for all things old and beautiful?
So since around 2008, I have been collecting, selling, treasure hunting, story collecting, and doing vintage fairs. I love treasure hunting and talking to people; I love people going on their own treasure hunt in my stall. I love that they get the same squeals of excitement as I do. I love sharing the stories of the estates I have been to and I love that people treasured things and took care of things.

Describe the sorts of items you have in your collection?
I have lots of items in my collection. Teacups, buttons (I love glass buttons, the way they look, and sound! Heaven!), I honestly have a suitcase problem, the brown leather ones and timber ones. I also have a book problem, with an ever-growing library. I love old children’s storybooks, the ones with 2 colour palette images. I have jars, ribbon, buckles, typewriters, furniture, wall vases, paper, and stationery, wallpaper and string.

What is your favourite item in your collection?
I discovered this treasure in Mama’s top draw when she had passed away. I found a little black velvet box, which no one had ever seen. In side the box, was a little tiny red heart, with a gold safety chain pin, which impressed in the back of it the army crest. We think it was sent by Papa, to Mama during the war made it from a broken tail light, heated it up and impressed his badge, and then polished it with toothpaste.

Where can we find you next?
The first Thursday of every month I will hold my Twilight Treasure Hunt in Warehouse three, 199 Muriel Ave Moorooka and I provide the cheese and wine! What more could a treasure hunter want?