‘Claret & Celeste’ is a collaboration between Canberra ceramic jeweller, ZARIĆ Jewellery and Sydney artist Zeke’s Lunchbox. The editorial sets ZARIĆ’s gorgeous ceramic pieces against the striking colour-drenched artwork of Zeke’s Lunchbox.

IZE interviews Nastia from ZARIĆ Jewellery to discover more about the collaboration and the brand.

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Artwork: Zeke’s Lunchbox (@zekeslunchbox)

Jewellery: ZARIĆ Jewellery (@zaricjewellery)

Photography: Luke Schuetrumpf (@lukeschuetrumpf)

Model: Ilana Davies @ HAUS Models

Makeup: Erin Pittard

Garments: Wndlnd, Sofie Teh, Vanessa Emirian

When did you create ZARIĆ Jewellery and what motivated you to create the brand?

Ceramics & jewellery have always been in my family and in my household. Growing up, my father was a ceramic potter and my mother a jewellery designer. ZARIĆ was created almost 2 years ago now, it had been in development for a while before then. I’ve always had the chance and encouragement to experiment, this organically manifested into my own line.

How did your collaboration with Zeke’s Lunchbox come about?

Julia and I have known each other for a few years now, and have always admired & respected each others work. This isn’t the first time we’ve collaborated, and it probably won’t be the last! Seriously, she’s super talented and I love how unapologetic she is about her style.

What was the inspiration behind the editorial?

We initially started with a few words: brooding, romantic, chaotic. But considering the aesthetic of both our lines of work, it still needed to be playful too. I wanted a subject with dark & mature features, but still a lolita look about her, in a colour-soaked mess.

ZARIĆ Jewellery celebrates traditional ceramic craftsmanship. Where did the idea come from to use ceramics and why?

As I mentioned earlier, my father is a ceramic potter – he is a quiet gem and incredible talent. My house is filled with his imaginative and beautiful vessels. When you’re a kid and you have a ceramic studio in your home, fit with pottery wheel and kiln – curiosity is inevitable. There are so many other alternative materials I could be using that would be cheaper/ easier – but nothing has the charm that ceramics do.

In designing a new collection, where do you draw inspiration?

Colours are my number one inspiration, it’s really the only thing I make sure to take note of. Seeing all the shapes and colours chaotically collected on my work bench, the combinations start to move like a puzzle until you create matches (winners).

Born in Slovenia, do you incorporate your heritage into your designing?

Well I moved to Sydney when I was 3 haha, and Canberra when I was 6, so not in the traditional sense. But seeing my parents work back in the 80’s inspires me of the time and place often.

Where can ZARIĆ Jewellery be purchased?

I’m currently in the process of launching my online shop! Works will be available online soon (like very soon). Otherwise, anyone interested in purchasing something that they’ve seen – contact me on zaricjewellery@gmail.com to see if the piece is available for purchase.